[Hanoi] Handmade hiking shoes

When I travel, the most important thing I look for is my shoes. Surely heels look great in photos, but how far can you walk in them before you just want to throw them away, just to release you from the pain? Soon. Flip flops are not a good choice either. They are too slippery, especially after the rain. Normal sports shoes, better choice but they may not have enough grip. I have slid down the slope before when I wore my running shoes for a trekking trip. Not to mention another time where I almost lost my precious pairs in the mud. And I never wear sandals. They are durable, but I don’t need my feet to have weird tan lines.

Anyways, I was so happy when I stumbled upon this information on Hanoi Massive. I will repost here, for the shoemaker makes them with all his love and dedication, and the shoes are not only of high quality, but so much cheaper compared to those you see in National Geographic or Camel stores.

The shoemaker and his shoes. (Credit: miss Van Anh)

Size: 39 to 44.
Price: 150.000 VND. (current exchange rate: 1USD ~ 22000 VND)
Contact: +84 166 748 4503 (Miss Van Anh, the shoemaker’s granddaughter)


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