[Hanoi] Yoga Center

I love yoga.

Most of the time I practice in my room, but sometimes I need more courage, to try new advanced poses and to stay connected with my body-mind-soul in 1 hour. And that’s when I need to find good centers, with qualified teachers [and reasonable price].

GANA Yoga Center is clean, spacious, and has Indian instructors who will adjust your poses as you go along (I don’t mean to place stereotypes, but Yoga did originate from India, then even their accent makes the class cooler to me, all the long winded pose name and counting). Ambient environment will instantly bring you into relaxing mode. Ommmmmmm. Their classes include: Sun Series, Asana Pranayama, Hatha Yoga, Hip Opening, Vinyasa Yoga, Core Yoga, Power Yoga, and many more.

So join me at GANA. 🙂 Namaste!

Address: Tầng 13, Toà nhà báo Sinh viên Việt Nam/ Ngân hàng ACB, phố Phạm Văn Bạch/Trần Thái Tông (Gần Bệnh viện Huyết Học TW), Hanoi

13th floor, ACB Bank Building, Pham Van Bach/ Tran Thai Tong Street (near National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion), Hanoi

Take lift to 12th floor, turn left, walk upstairs.


Contact: gana.yogacenter@gmail.com


Note: I’m just recommending this place as I have practiced yoga in Hanoi and Singapore. In Singapore I used KFit and gain access to virtually all Yoga centers in the island. So far I have tried Space&Light Yoga @R-evolution (VivoCity), Move To Live (Buona Vista), a few in Holland Village and One North I can’t recall names now that I don’t live in the country anymore. They are all great in service. 🙂 But some are better than the others. I’m not paid to do PR, no worries.

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