[Hangzhou] A must-see show in Songcheng

As seen from the catalogue, “The Legend of Romance” is one of the three most famous shows in the world. My tour guide kept going on and on and on and on (until I thought to myself “Dude stop overselling them to me” before I almost zoned out, sorry). But I agreed to see the show nevertheless, I was being curious.

I was very impressed once I first stepped inside Songcheng Theme Park because it is so vibrant, (so crowded), and thousand years of Chinese history are displayed in front of my eyes. But this post is not about the park so let me tell you about the 1 hour I spent in that 5000-seat theatre, watching a sold-out show.

They have 2 cast teams, working alternately, average 6 shows a day. During peak period, they may increase the time to 10 shows per day to accommodate the need. They even have a school training local kids to be actors and dancers in the future. They are surely very dedicated to this line of business.

Directed by Huang Qiaoling, with the most advanced technology for sound, light, electricity and stage machinery, large-scale song and dance, 1 hour felt like 10 seconds while we were too busy enjoying ourselves. The story tells the hardship of Liangzhu ancient people, shows the magnificent imperial palace of the Song Dynasty, heroic but tragic experience of Yuefei’s army and the everlasting romance of butterfly lovers – Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian. It shows silk, tea and Jiangnan with misty rain (I’m serious, water was everywhere on the stage).

Do you know that feeling when no matter how hard you try, you can’t predict what happens next? Intriguing. For the first few hundreds audience sitting in the front rows, their seats moved side to side. The actors come from left, right, from behind, from the zipping line on the ceiling. The stage has 3D screens. And the stages move. The whole show boasts visual experience and spiritual shock.

Now enjoy a few snippets from the show. 😀 Pictures and videos included.

Opening: circus act

This part they appear from the side. And like any other typical Asian tourists, we whipped our phones out towards their direction.

The dancers are really pretty, and the main one (in the middle) are always so sexy, even I as a girl was seduced. I don’t know how guys feel.

This part is too Korean for me rather than Chinese, but you know, history…

The raining scene. Hmm how does the stage work? Different layers?

Their love story is sooooo cute ❤

See, butterflies.

*** For your best enjoyment, please spend 350RMB for the ticket to the theme park while booking the ticket beforehand.

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