Vietnamese Street Carts


The most ordinary lives are reflected on the streets. And on the streets of Vietnam you find all the mobile vendors that cater for your needs. Foods are mostly locally produced (for some vendors, it’s homegrown in their garden/ farm). They are fresh, of high quality, TASTY and SUPER CHEAP.

I always bring my friends from other countries to eat Vietnamese street food. And that’s what they remember the most, “When I go back to Vietnam, bring me eat bánh tráng trộn in HCMC okay?” Okay let’s pig out!

I will tell you this story, about 5 years ago I went to Phu Quoc Island. Most of the days I went to the beach, enjoyed the sun and the sea, and I couldn’t miss the best vendor of tào phớ (beancurd desserts). It was served hot, with a type of jaggery syrup, seaweed that’s only available on the island, jelly and pudding. There was one day I ate 3 cups in a row and Mom was so worried I would get fat soon hahahaha. I still dream of another cup of it every day. I wish I can go back there soon. I have no recollection of the place other than those cups of beancurd (Same situation to other places in other countries, I only remember food)

I have talked too much. Now enjoy this series of illustrations of the cutest street carts I have seen. I especially enjoy the balloon bike. Up and higher up! (Note: click on the image to see the captions.)

Credits to Project Vietnam Street Cart 
– Phạm Rồng ( I am Rong & I can roar )
– Phạm Dy
– Huyền My
– Su Trần
– Đỗ Duy Thông
– Hạnh Võ
– Min Non

The artists from Project VSC have done a really good job. This is truly Vietnam guys.


P/S: if you guys travel to Vietnam, I will be really happy to give you tips. I don’t live in Vietnam (for average 49/52 weeks) so I can’t be a tour guide. But drop me a message yes I will answer. 😀

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