Again, have more fun

This is part 2 of How I self-study Chinese series. See Part 1 here.

In this part I will talk about ChineseSkill. There are 3 apps in total:

+ ChineseSkill

+ Chinese Words

+ Listen & Speak Chinese

For the latter 2, it’s easier if you search for related apps from ChineseSkill. Cute logos: They all have pandas.


I bet you know about Duolingo right? The language learning app with the owl? Sadly it doesn’t offer Chinese (yet), Duolingo currently offer languages that use the ABC alphabet (enlighten me, what is that call again?). Here comes ChineseSkill to fill in that gap.

The main menu where all the units are. If you are absolute beginner in Chinese, you will have to go one by one. But when you know a lil bit something (like me), take a test-out and then you can do the units randomly, in your preferred order.
Answer is 买. 😛

Only your app and travel China like a boss.

Chinese are written as left right up down. When you get the correct order, it’s easier to remember the characters and also, nicer hand writing. I don’t want to be recalled of how horrendous I must have written in the first few sheets of paper.

As promised from part 1, here you can learn about TONE. 1 is ā, 2 is á, 3 is ă, 4 is à. Very visual right.

And finally after learning, you need revision. This section is for flashcards, and tests. Play more games to unlock more characters and you have harder tests.

So that’s ChineseSkill. The Chinese Word is basically the flashcard section of Chinese Skill. and Listen & Speak, is obviously for your listening and speaking skills.

Have fun learning guys! We are in this journey together!

Next part i’m gonna talk about MOOCs. Massive Online Open Courses. Stay tune!

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