Paradise in the valley

No filter needed. Because nature is just too beautiful. *throwing hearts* Look at the mountain, the clouds, the sky, the fields, EVERYTHING. How could anyone not be in love with this paradise?

But our journey to Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, Vietnam didn’t start in the valley. We went to a small island (in the middle of nowhere haha) called Thung Nai.

Look I’m on a boat! And we brought our archery sets and kayaks over so that’s what we spent time doing at the island under the scorching sun. I didn’t get sunburn though, only a few rash from the heat and humidity, lovely.

Sail away kids!!!! NO, NO, I’m kidding come back here at once don’t paddle too farrrrr.

Now *ehem* to the actual paradise in the valley. Mai Chau Ecolodge.

Here is the (other) entrance where we rent bikes and bike around the village. 😀

I don’t like bananas honestly. I don’t like to eat them (the taste of them). But I appreciate the aesthetics of nice combs of bananas still intact on the tree, and with the banana flower there as well. Aesthetics is important.

Here is the corridor to my room. Superior Room, with Garden View.

Now let’s check how does my accommodation look like?!

Open shower into/ from the garden. No peeking!

For the adventurous souls, the free souls, the naturalists, or just simply those who stayed alone (I’m in this category), you can opt for an open garden shower. Your water is also used to water the plants. And at night, I tell you, showering under the stars is indescribable.

Hint: couples who want to up your game, this is also your chance. 😉

This pool is called the Panoramic Pool, next to it is the Panoramic Bar. It’s on top of the hill (the bar), so you can see everything. ❤

The garden outside makes the best TV. Nature appreciation show.

Before you continue with this post, here are some caution:

1. I have already run out of nice things to say about my newly-found paradise.

2. Don’t challenge yourself and continue if you are afraid of BUGS



5. I have already warned you three times, so from here on, you are responsible for all the risks you take (okay?)

6. Okay. Don’t faint.








These are the terrestrial turtle bugs (that don’t look like turtles at all)/ rice bugs. Scientific name: pentatomidae. These bugs are naturally stinky, try squash one and you suffer with that smell for the rest of your day. It lingers. The stinky ones are called rice bugs, Leptocorisa varicornis.

So during a single trip, I learned a few valuable facts about bugs. There are so many of them in the agricultural villages, especially rice growing ones. Bugs will lower the yield and quality of the produce – in this case, rice, hence rice bugs. These bugs are stinky when alive they make me want to vomit. But man, stir fry them with little bit of salt, and sometimes lime leaves, you got peanuts. Yea you heard me right, they taste exactly like peanuts. Cover your eyes, get over that feeling of tiny legs, select the biggest, fattest ones, and there you go.

This dish is a specialty of the ethnic minority. You won’t regret eating them. I promise.

Proof that I ate bugs.

Thank you readers for making it to the end of the post.

Here is a reward for you.

The prettiest picture of sunset in Mai Chau that I got, so far.

P/S: I almost forgot.

Mai Chau Ecolodge ( is located in Bản Nà Thìa, xã Nà Phòn, thị trấn Mai Châu, Hòa Bình, Việt Nam.

And the rates for rooms are from 108-270USD (low season) or 136-289USD (high season). Mine was the 108USD one, and look how nice it is already.

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