Grab some ice for a sunny day

How’s everyone doing in the summer? In this part of the world (South East Asia) we are having 35++oC weather, but the heat index always makes it feel like 45oC.

And I love desserts.

So I went for some ice balls.

I chose the one with sour plum inside. So diameter of 6 inches. And unintentionally, that was my lunch that day.

Here’s the ice ball being made.

And this is my ice ball. I chose rose (bandung) and mango flavor. My boyfriend chose Ribena (the blackcurrant-flavored drink that is so common in Malaysia and Singapore for some reason) and Lychee – which make his ice ball purple and white – instead.

It was an interesting experience sucking the (ice) ball and feeling your tongue getting slightly stuck there, seeing it discolor as the syrup being drained away, turning it to the other side (using the bamboo stick) – and repeat.

Try it if you come to Malaysia. 😀

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