Singapore airport is REALLY comfortable

I lived in Singapore. But because of that, I always scanned my passport at the stations as soon as possible to be one of the first few reaching that luggage belt. I didn’t roam around transit area.

Not until June 2016.

I had ~6 hour transit at Changi. No luggage, so I decided to stay back for once, to explore the world-class Transit Area.

There are 3 main terminals and 1 budget terminal at Changi. The whole airport is packed with entertainment, relaxing, dining and shopping experience. You name it, most of the chance you have it: swimming pool, spa, hair salon, hospital, movie theatre, hotel, lounge, supermarket, conference room, butterfly garden, koi pond, etc.

I arrived at Terminal 1, I walked all the way through to Terminal 3. And I reached my final destination, Ambassadors Transit Lounge, for a precious 3-hour nap.

(If I’m not mistaken), each hour cost $14-ish, so I luxuriously paid $40+.

2016-06-07 15.07.04
Ambassadors’ Transit Lounge at Terminal 3

With high price tag, the area doesn’t disappoint. However, to all light sleepers out there (like me), you may still be waken up occasionally by people walking by (each “room” is separated by thin wall, and a curtain).

The lounge offers alarm service. They will come and wake you up at whatever time you have indicated at the check-in form.

2016-06-07 10.55.34
Each “room” is equipped with a single bed, charging stations, lights
2016-06-07 15.03.17
Bathroom – equipped with all-that-you-need toiletries, towels, hand dryers (from what I saw)

After my refreshing nap, I decided to have lunch at teatime. The officers at Immigration Checkpoint were very surprised when I walked alone out of the terminal (I felt like a celebrity¬†for once) that I didn’t arrive at many hours before. I bought my lunch, brought it back…inside Departure area, all within 15 minutes. And I flew out of Singapore.

2016-06-07 16.21.44
Refreshed and ready to fly again
2016-06-07 18.34.17
See you again soon Singapore

I don’t know when will I return to Singapore again. I just miss The Little Red Dot.

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