Tiny fun-to-eat ice cream recently arrived in Singapore

Many of you may have heard of Mini Melts. It’s an ice-cream company based in the US with stores in more than 20 countries in the world.

I first had these tiny balls of sweet frozen treats during my trip to Korea. I was awed by the size of each ice cream ball and how they can be so round and tasty.

So recently, this brand opened a kiosk-store in Vivo City, Singapore. One thing about the population of Singapore: they can go crazy and have patience to queue very long to try the product as soon as possible. They could queue at wee-hour for limited edition Hello Kitty collectibles at that specific MacDonald joint. They blocked the walkway of the mall to try Llaollao when the brand opened its first frozen yogurt store in Singapore (now the queue for Llaollao is still long at times, but significantly shorter nevertheless).

As predicted, here is the queue for Mini Melts. That day, I was so confused as to where the line went, I had to queue twice.

Hefty price tag. I remember the price being much much cheaper in Korea (here’s to what I will eat in Korea in 2017 hehe). I went with another friend of mine so we bought a combo cap – we couldn’t agree on which flavor to choose, so I got chocolate and she got something.

(Not pictured here) There is also Jumbo melts, where the ice cream pellets are replaced by ice cream balls.

In what flavor can white color ice cream pellets be?

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