Find EasyBake ovens in this cafe/bakery

This cafe immediately gave me a chill vibe upon entrance. The color is warming, lighting is neither too dark nor too bright, tables and chairs are rather short (but cute).

This cafe was opened by an artist, and all decorations are done by her. The theme of this cafe is…kindergarten.

The cat on the wall says: “Whose kid is this, so cute”

The panda says: “Eat more, grow big”

The giraffe: “My legs are short and I’m cute”

The bookshelf has many plushies, Easy Bake ovens, comic books, baby books even!

They have another floor but I didn’t go up. I stayed in my spot on the first floor for hours.

About the food, the price is rather cheap. I had green tea mousse cake and red Thai milk tea. I don’t really like the cake as I want my mousse to be softer and melt in my mouth. The milk tea is mediocre. I would rate food 6/10.

But the location, atmosphere, music choice – 9/10.

I can bring my work here and sit all day being productive. It’s great having toys and comic books around for motivation. 🙂

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