About me

Hello lovelies,

First, here are some facts about me.

  1. University student at Minerva Schools at KGI
  2. Science nerd, but I’m a cool nerd trust me, non-stereotypical.
  3. Full-time world traveller
  4. Because of that, I try to make this blog. Things I come across, good recommendations for fun and cheap places/ activities, etc. This blog is also my virtual recipe book for easy and tasty food. Residence hall life is hard.
  5. I don’t like tourist experience, I want to be fully immersed in the culture, to live like a local, not like an outsider.
  6. Love eating street food and cool food. But don’t feed me garlic. I’m secretly a vampire.
  7. Polyglot. I know languages but I’m not good at them. I tend to forget very simple words, then remember them 15 minutes later when the topic has already been changed.
  8. I’m short, so I’m cute
  9. A sufferer of long distance relationship. Jk, I enjoy being in one because it’s interesting how fully we enjoy our busy lives. Once in a while (especially after we just parted, yet again) I do cry a lot and I miss my boo like crazy (read more cheesy posts like this on those #longdistancepositivity on Instagram, I’m shy so I will stop being cheesy here right now) but eventually we get back into our tracks and plan another trip! More reason to travel!
  10. I’m not a traditional person. I appreciate traditions yes, but I feel many things need to change already.
  11. This is fact 11.
  12. 12 makes it a nice number
  13. I love number 13 so this is the end.

Now buckle up! We are here for a long journey together!